Hi :]

My name is Darren Carpenter and I am Openstack Support Engineer for Rackspace. I am married with 4 kids and currently reside in Fort Worth, Texas. I’ve been a nerd for many years… started off ‘chatting’ on AOL and trying to install Slackware in the mid 90’s and have carried on with my studies since then.

I joined the military at 17 years old (2000) and received a honorable discharge in 2007 (E-5/Infantry). Since then I’ve worked my way up the IT ladder. Datacenter support to help desk, from help desk to desktop support, to Linux e-mail encryption support, to Linux engineer (cloud)… and in most recent years, from public cloud to private cloud. I love technology, and I am a huge ‘cloud’ fan.

I am interested in a wide variety of things, but currently I am working on leveling up my Kubernetes and Python skills. My free time is divided amongst my family and playing with my labs.

You can find me on linkedin if you are curious: Darren Carpenter - LinkedIn

If you would like, you can download my resume. Darren-carpenter.rtf